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Does the EU 2030 Climate Policy Reflect the Benefits of Forest Management?

PRESS RELEASE - 20.02.2017 The long-term climate benefits of forest management are not fully taken into account by the current legislative proposals of the European Commission on LULUCF (Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry) and ESM (Effort Sharing Mechanism). EUSTAFOR’s new Position Paper presents the perspective of state foresters on the proposals of the European Commission concerning Climate Policy. EUSTAFOR experts have analyzed the LULUCF and ESR proposals and provide their commen...

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Profitable and sustainable European forest management

Austrian and Norwegian EUSTAFOR members participate in the TECH4EFFECT project The EU Project TECH4EFFECT is coordinated by the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) and the consortium include research institutes and universities, industrial partners and SMEs. The EUSTAFOR members Österreichische Bundesforste and Statskog SF are part of the consortium. TECH4EFFECT focuses on increasing access to wood resources through more efficient silviculture and a better un...

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Forest Management is solution to Climate Change

EUSTAFOR & CEPF JOINT PRESS RELEASE Forest owners and managers illustrate to policy makers and stakeholders ways in which European forests can contribute to decarbonizing our society Baltic and Balkan foresters showcased how Sustainable Forest Management is an activity which enables climate change mitigation and adaptation. They spoke at the event “Forests & Climate: The Impact of Forests and Forestry on the EU Climate and Energy Policy” hosted by MEP Elisabeth Köstinger on 24...

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25 years of Czech forest state enterprise - VIDEO

Lesy ČR celebrates its 25 years Lesy České republiky, s.p. (“Lesy CR”, “LCR”) was founded by Memorandum of Association of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic No. 6677/91-100 of 11 December 1991 as a state enterprise under Act No. 111/1990 on state enterprises. On 12 August 1997, this memorandum was adapted to Act No. 77/1997 on state enterprises, as amended, by Decision of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic No. 3217/97- 1000. LCR plans a...

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