EUSTAFOR celebrated its 10th anniversary

EUSTAFOR celebrated its 10th Anniversary by organising several forestry events under a common title:
Managing European Forests Responsibly – for People, Climate and Nature”.
On 5th April 2016 the EUSTAFOR Conference and the Exhibition opening took place in the European Parliament in Brüssel. The Forest Exhibition was displayed from 5 – 7 April. On 6th April, EUSTAFOR and its Flemish member, Natuurinvest, invited for a Forest Excursion to the Sonian Forest in the surroundings of Brussels.

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Metsähallitus publishes its Annual Report and Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Metsähallitus has published its Annual Report 2015. As part of the report, Metsähallitus is issuing a Corporate Social Responsibility Report that provides an extensive review of our operations and their social effects from the viewpoint of ecological, cultural, social and financial responsibility. Despite a slight decline in operating profit, Metsähallitus was able to meet most of its targets in 2015. Forestry produces timber efficiently and responsibly on state-owned land for more than...

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European State Forests Boost the Bioeconomy

The European State Forest Association published a new booklet: “European State Forests Boost the Bioeconomy” to share state forests’ vision of the bioeconomy and explain the potential of European state forests to contribute to the development of this recent economic concept in the EU. European State Forest Management Organizations, members of EUSTAFOR, can serve as reliable partners in achieving the goals set out by the European Union to build a competitive, resource efficient and low-carb...

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Lasy Państwowe (Poland): Spruce bark beetle in the Białowieża Primeval Forest

photo: Marek Matecki/CILP What you should know about the Białowieża Primeval Forest and the European spruce bark beetle that attacks it. What is happening in the Białowieża Primeval Forest? Spruce trees that are attacked by the bark beetle massively die in the Białowieża Primeval Forest. This is the biggest reported invasion of bark beetle since many decades. Until this day ca. 500 thousand trees, within the area of three forest districts, have fallen prey to this insect. It m...

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Managing European Forests Responsibly - for People, Climate and Nature

This week the European State Forest Association (EUSTAFOR) celebrated its 10th anniversary of cooperation among state forest organizations at European level with a conference, an exhibition, a forest food reception and a forest excursion under the common title “Managing European Forests Responsibly - for People, Climate and Nature.” The conference was organized in the European Parliament (EP) under the auspices of the three Chairs of the EP Committees which are the most relevant for the f...

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