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Welcome to EUSTAFOR !

We represent commercially oriented, state-owned forest companies, enterprises and agencies which have sustainable forest management and wood production as their major concerns.
Our members represent one third of the EU forest area, including large, protected areas. Our members are certified by FSC and/or PEFC, meaning that annual evaluations are made in order to verify that criteria such as biodiversity, and social and cultural values are met through their forest management. Our member organizations employ approximately 100 000 people.
Our association supports and strengthens state forest organizations in Europe with a view to maintaining and enhancing their economic viability as well as their social and cultural benefits, and also their ecologically responsible and sustainable forest management.
Our offices are located in the historical European Forestry House in Brussels, Belgium, just across from the European Parliament.
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EUSTAFOR booklet on
NATURA 2000 in state forests



Announcements Events

How are species doing in Member States? How are they doing in the European biogeographic regions? Participate in the public consultation on the status of habitats and species and give your view on the results of the European assessment
Deadline: 7 July 2014

14-18 Commemoration ONF
3-4 october 2014, Velaine-en-Haye, France
Invitation  Presentation

EFESC Training Workshop for Assessors
18-20 June 2014, Wales
European State Forest Conference 2014
hosted by Coillte,
12-13 June 2014, Ireland
Workshop on co-operation of regions on innovation in forest management, use of wood and forest-related services
20 May 2014, Brussels
The House of Lords consults EUSTAFOR on EU forest related policies
26 March 2014, London, UK
International Day of Forests