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A delegation of Kazakhstan’s forestry officials visited Latvia on July 16 and 17.

On the first day of the visit, the delegation had a meeting with the Agriculture Ministry’s representatives and visited the Latvian State Forest Research Institute “Silava”, whereas on the second day, the delegation visited Kalsnava, where the head office of the JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” structural unit “LVM Sçklas un stâdi” (LVM Seeds and Seedlings) is located, as well as one of the company’s strategic tree nurseries in Podiòi. “LVM Sçklas un stâdi” Director Guntis Grandâns acquainted the delegation with the structure and main activities of JSC “Latvia’s State Forests”, the Kazakh forestry experts also observed seed extraction at Kalsnava cone seed extraction facility, Kalsnavas tree nursery’s head Jânis Lapðe took the delegation on a tour of decorative tree and shrub nursery and a laboratory of fast-growing poplar meristems, whereas Podiòi tree nursery’s head Jânis Siksalietis acquainted the guests with latest technologies in the cultivation of pines, firs and birch seedlings.


The Kazakh experts stressed that there was much to learn from JSC “Latvia’s State Forests”, and that they would report the Kazakh government about Latvia’s achievements, and use their experience of visiting Latvia in the development of tree nurseries in Kazakhstan.


Tomass Kotoviès

LVM Communication Department, phone: 67805432


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