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Spring is here, and JSC "Latvia’s State Forests" invites schools and other friends of nature to participate in the annual Forest Days all over Latvia – plant trees, set up birdhouses, clean up the litter in forests!

Schools, youth organisations, families, institutions, enterprises and other entities may apply for participation in the Open Forest Days. All the events are free of charge; participants will be provided with seedlings, gloves, bags and other equipment for their work. Certain events require the participants to take along some specific items noted in a list below. The participants have to themselves organise transport to the event venue, and have some snacks to keep up their energy level. The number of participants in an event is limited, therefore it is necessary to timely apply to JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” forestry officials indicated in the list.

This year, the Open Forest Days in forestry departments will begin shortly before Easter and conclude in mid-May. Any person may apply for participation in any of the 33 nature reawakening events in various regions of Latvia.

This spring, JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” organises more than 170 various public events altogether, from cleaning up recreational areas to tree planting and setting up birdhouses. The special activities planned this year include cleaning up guerrilla bunkers and putting fences around anthills.

The Open Forest Days has become a tradition organised by JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” every spring with the aim of making the public better understand forests and the forestry sector. As part of the Open Forest Days, schools can additionally participate in Mammadaba Master Class.


Announcements Events

14-18 Commemoration ONF
3-4 october 2014, Velaine-en-Haye, France
Invitation  Presentation
EFESC Training Workshop for Assessors
18-20 June 2014, Wales
European State Forest Conference 2014
hosted by Coillte,
12-13 June 2014, Ireland
Workshop on co-operation of regions on innovation in forest management, use of wood and forest-related services
20 May 2014, Brussels
The House of Lords consults EUSTAFOR on EU forest related policies
26 March 2014, London, UK
International Day of Forests
ThinkForest Forums:
Forest bioenergy in Europe: Towards sustainable options
18 March 2014
European Parliament, Brussels
Integrating biodiversity conservation in forest managment: Policy implications
27 February 2014
European Parliament, Strasbourg
19-20 February 2014, Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel Itäranta 1, 80100 Joensuu, Finland
Workshop:  Implementation of the New EU Forest Strategy
Under the Auspices of the Chairmanship of the AGFC

16 December 2013
Program  -  Invitation   -  
FACESMAP Stakeholder Workshop “Forest Land Ownership Changes in Europe:  Policy and Practice Issues”
Side Event at the European Forest Week METSÄ2013
11 December 2013, Rovaniemi, Finland