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Sveaskog's second El-forest in operation


Sveaskog's second El-forest in operation

News | 1/14/2011


Forest machines with fuel-efficient electric hybrid operation do not grow on trees. Currently, there are only two copies in the world, and both are owned by Sveaskog. Recently, the second copy was put into operation in the forests in Götaland.

The forwarder, which goes by the name of El-forest, is manufactured by the Swedish company Thordab, located in Örnsköldsvik. The major advantage is, of course, lower fuel consumption and less carbon dioxide emissions – the diesel consumption is reduced by approximately 30 percent.

Less ground damage

El-forest also causes less ground damage, since the wheels follow the wheel tracks precisely without skidding. The machine is also lighter than a regular forwarder.

"El-forest does not behave like a regular forwarder in the forest, but you learn to handle it. It is powerful and flexible. It is fun to be involved in the development of an environmentally friendlier forestry," says Petter Andersson, who has been employed to drive the machine at Sveaskog.

In operation full time

So far, both El-forest machines are prototypes that Sveaskog is involved in developing, but the machine will be in operation full time in Götaland – primarily in the areas around Åseda, Lenhovda, Lessebo and Kosta.

"I believe the technology has come to stay. The goal is to reach the same efficiency with the electric hybrid as with a conventional machine," says Lennart Hult, Purchasing and Technical Development Manager at Sveaskog.

Sveaskog already has one El-forest machine located in the Ljusdal region.


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