The European State Forest Association

EUSTAFOR represents state forest companies, enterprises and agencies that have sustainable forest management and sustainable wood production as major concerns.

Sustainable forestry should stay at the very core of the new CAP

Recognition of the role of sustainable forestry by the CAP will contribute to its common objectives, such as developing vibrant rural areas, while contributing to climate action and responding to the adaptation needs for climate-resilient landscapes. It is essential to ensure that the role of forests is well-framed in the context of assessing progresses towards the CAP’s nine specific objectives and that, consequently, forestry measures are ensured in all Member States. The statement follo...

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Enhancing Long-Term Competitiveness of the Forest Sector in a Green Economy

A workshop “Enhancing Long-Term Competitiveness of the Forest Sector in a Green Economy” was held by Forest Europe in cooperation with the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food, EUSTAFOR and USSE, on 29 May 2018, in Brussels. The workshop, held in the framework of the Forest EUROPE Work Programme,  focused on the development of the forest-based bioeconomy and how the forest-related policies can enhance it. Piotr Borkowski presented EUSTAFOR and its main activities and the work of the a...

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Feasibility of implementation of the sustainability criteria for forest bioenergy questioned

Europe’s forest owners and managers recognize the efforts made in the agreement struck during the trilogue talks on the updated EU Renewable Energy Directive (REDII). But to ensure that forests and the forest-based sector continue to contribute positively to the EU’s post-2020 climate and energy targets, care must be taken to ensure that implementation of REDII does not create counterproductive results. The recast of the Renewable Energy Directive is the first EU Directive which deals wi...

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Metsähallitus has published its annual report for 2017

The online annual report of Metsähallitus is a comprehensive review of our first operating year under the new Act on Metsähallitus and our environmentally and socially sustainable operations. A successful year paves the way for a more responsible future The year 2017 was a successful one: the performance target was exceeded and Metsähallitus also achieved the other targets set for it. The year 2017 also marked the centenary of Finland's independence and a large number of events was held...

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