The European State Forest Association

EUSTAFOR represents state forest companies, enterprises and agencies that have sustainable forest management and sustainable wood production as major concerns.

Key ways to maximize potential of forest bioenergy to decarbonize Europe underlined

CEPF, EUSTAFOR, COPA-COGECA, ELO, EOS, CEJA, USSE, CEETTAR, UEF - Joint Press Release 16.01.2018 European forestry and agricultural organisations urge MEPs to ensure that the role of forest bioenergy to decarbonize Europe is not hindered when they vote on an EU Commission proposal on the promotion of renewable energy sources (RES). Forests and the forest-based sector play a significant role in tackling climate change by helping to decarbonize Europe to reach its post-2020 climate and energ...

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Towards a more sustainable future - Metsähallitus has launched an extensive corporate responsibility programme

Metsähallitus has launched an extensive corporate responsibility programme. The corporate responsibility roadmap will be finalised during the spring. Metsähallitus has now joined the FIBS corporate responsibility network, which will open up new opportunities for partnerships in the development of corporate responsibility. By signing the Diversity Charter Finland, Metsähallitus is determined to make a contribution to a fairer and more responsible working life.  - Corporate responsibility a...

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"The awakening of the forest" just published by Veneto Agricoltura with an EUSTAFOR contribution on European forests

The recent publication "the awakening of the forest" (in Italian) by Veneto Agricoltura retraces forest and forest-related policies from the Venice Republic times to nowadays. The publication also reports a EUSTAFOR contribution on European policy in connection with forest management. EUSTAFOR contribution is based on reporting the FOREST EUROPE process at pan-European level, and in showing the role of forestry in several EU policies in connection with bioeconomy and rural development, and biod...

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2017 – A year of anniversary celebrations

The year 2017 was an important year of anniversary celebrations for some EUSTAFOR members. On 11 September 2017, Österreichische Bundesforste AG celebrated 20 years since their transition from a State Forestry Administration to a commercial enterprise of the Republic of Austria. The main celebrations took place in the Schloss Eckartsau in the Danube floodplains near Vienna. In 1997, the Austrian Federal Forestry was re-established as a public limited company. At the age of 20 years, j...

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