Value Forestry Values

A seminar to be held back-to-back with the EUSTAFOR General Assembly 2018.

Forests in Europe and their active management are essential for reaching the objectives and goals of the EU’s sustainable development strategies while ensuring the environmental integrity of a large part of Europe’s terrestrial ecosystems. Sustainable forest management provides a wide range of ecosystem products and services. European forests and the forest-based sector are also active in the new economic shift towards systems built upon circular, bio-based and innovative foundations.

On the one hand, the provision of many ecosystem services from forests is not always recognized and properly valued. On the other hand, wood provision, which is a predominant source of income in forestry, is often considered as a trade-off for other essential ecosystem services. State Forest Management Organizations constantly seek to balance the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable forestry. A strong forest-based bioeconomy needs to encompass all dimensions of ecosystem management and properly value the provision of wood, and its multiple uses, together with other forest functions.

The aim of the seminar is to explore and discuss the basic requirements of coherent policies and managerial opportunities, which will boost innovation and attract investments in the forest and forest-based sector while taking full advantage of the multiple goods and services forests provide.

More information, including a registration link, and the Agenda are available at this link.

Published 13/02/2018

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