Lesy České republiky, s. p.

LČR manages approx. 1.2m hectares of State-owned forest estates (almost 86% of all State-owned forest estates) and almost 40,000 km of waterways and swift creeks. In normal years the annual harvest of wood ranges between 7m–8m m3, i.e. approx. 72% of the total average increment. The long term vision of LČR is to be a model manager of State-owned property, who observes the principles of sustainable forest management and administration, and that with regard to the economic, environmental, social and legal context.

  • Total forest area managed by member: 1,200,000 ha
  • Total number of: employees: 3,376 people
  • Annual harvest in: 7,704,000 m3
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Lesy České republiky, s. p.
Premyslova 1106
50168 Hradec Kralove
Czech Republic

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